We provide clients with representation in the following matters:

»  Deferred Action Applications for DREAMers
»  Applications for Naturalization
»  Petitions to Remove Conditions on Residence
»  Family based petitions (spouse, sibling, parent or child)
»  Petitions for Alien Relatives
»  Fiancé Visas (Petition for Alien Fiancé(e))
»  Affidavits of Support
»  Interviews at USCIS
»  VAWA Applications
»  Applications to Adjust Status
»  Responses to Requests for Evidence
»  Consular Processing
»  Waivers
»  Applications to Replace Permanent Resident Card

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What our clients have to say about us:

March 15, 2020 - Max C. Go with Sylvia. I chose Sylvia Miller for her long track-record of helping foreigners like myself understand and successfully complete the immigration process into the U.S.. She was always timely, direct, communicative and kind. Could not have asked for a better experience and would highly recommend her services and legal advice.
August 25, 2019 - Cristina Great Immigration Lawyer! Sylvia Miller guided me in the right direction when applying for my green card, & I couldn't be more satisfied with the outcome! I highly recommend her services to anyone who is seeking an Immigration Attorney that is knowledgeable, very professional, & understanding. When it comes time to apply for my Citizenship, Sylvia will have my business again.
June 2, 2019 - T.J.Ms Miller, is the best. She knows a great deal in regards to immigration, with her wealth of experience, and patience, I recommend her services. It gives you peace of mind, that Ms Sylvia, has it figured out for you, especially when it comes to filling in the forms, and the paperwork required. She is also affordable comparing the charges and fees out there.
March 15, 2019 - R.R.Sylvia Miller was a great and honest attorney, she was clear and open about the process of getting my husband's green card. We knew what to expect with the process. It just gave us a piece of mind to have her as our attorney.
May 15, 2019 - D.M I can’t begin to explain how incredible it is to have her as an attorney. Mrs. Miller is very informative, professional, knowledgeable, consistent, friendly and just makes sure that your case goes smoothly. She’s definitely someone I would go to again for any of my legal work. I definitely think she is one of the best attorneys out there!
February 23, 2019 - I.I. I would totally recommend Sylvia to anyone. She is fast, efficient and affordable. I know i am writing this review about 1 year later. Anyways my wife has moved from Australia to usa and now she is even working here. Everything went soo smooth. One down fall to her new location is parking but trust me it’s worth it
February 2019 - J.R. Attorney Miller was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the green card process. We never felt blindsided by anything USCIS required from us because Attorney Miller had already given us the information needed to be successful. She was also quick to response to questions and the online tool used by her practice I think is very helpful.
October 2018 - Cortes Simplemente la mejor Una excelente abogada se las recomiendo :-) Me ayudo en todo mi proceso muy profesional. Gracias por tu ayuda.
July 2018 - Hector Sylvia has been an outstanding attorney who has shown exceptional attention to detail and made the whole process much easier for my family. Her expertise and knowledge of immigration law has ultimately saved us a lot of time and money. I recommend her for anyone seeking any kind of legal representation through the long and complicated immigration process.
June 2018 - Jo Amazing attorney. Our first attorney bailed on us to work for a different company in the middle of submission of paperwork. It was a nightmare experience. We ended our first attempt with a denial decision for lack of information. All the effort and money down the drain.

Sylvia was a completely different attorney. She was amazing in letting us know what we needed from beginning to end. Well organized, honest, and efficient. Told us what to expect and we were well prepared for the interview. After the first run around, it was welcoming to be in safe and effective hands of a dedicated immigration attorney. Choose Sylvia and know the truth about your case and get it done right the first time.
January 2018 - Avery Very knowledgeable and was available ready to help every step of the way. Sylvia was always professional and supportive. I would highly recommend her to others!
September 2017 - Victor Excellent service and professionalism, truly recommend also she speak Spanish!!
4/29/2018 - J. My husband and I decided to hire Ms. Sylvia for our permanent residency case after reading about her experience and all the great reviews. Sylvia was very responsive, compassionate, and helpful throughout the whole process. I received my permanent residency status recently and cannot thank Sylvia enough. Will definitely hire her in the future for our immigration issues if need be!
12/23/2017 - Julie Sylvia is a dedicated, organized, hard working, dependable, efficient, very informed and knowledgeable lawyer. You can trust her. She will tell you exactly what the process is, how long it will take and how much it will cost right up front. She isn't selling you anything. She is authentic and supportive. She always got back to my texts and emails immediately. I highly recommend her as an immigration attorney. Our case seemed impossible, but she supported us through the whole process and told us it was possible. She was right. I am so pleased that I listened to another recommendation and hired her. You can't go wrong. Thank you Sylvia!
4/30/2017 - Marco Sylvia helped me with the 601 A Waiver process. She made the process easy and stress free or me. She was efficient, knowledgable and explained each step along the way. Her communication was excellent and I would recommend Sylvia for your immigration needs. Thank you Sylvia!
2/8/2017 - Ivan Hi I'm writing this review for my attorney she was very professional. She is also very knowledgeable about immigration law she's always accurate with the information she provide, never lie to me about my case very realistic and enthusiastic about my case. When we discussed about my case and we arrange the price that was the price no hide fees or anything. She's is also very responsible and always treat me with respect. she always return my calls when she can't pick up the phone and also keep me updated with my case. she speaks Spanish and the most important thing she gave me hope she said we will get this approved even my case was complicated and she get me approved now I'm so happy she was very accurate with the time frame and everything that's why I highly recommend her. she is a great lawyer but the must important thing is she care about her customer she fight the cases like her own also she has that human side that not everyone has in this days. When I got approved I was on the phone with her she was checking she find out it was approved and she got as excited just like me. To me that shows a lot. Please if you have a hard case and you're looking for someone reliable drama and scam free do not hesitate to contact her I guarantee you she's your best bet in town.
12/3/2016 - Javier Mi nombre es Javier yo contraté los servicios de Sylvia para ayudarme a obtener mi residencia legal todo fue facil y tan claro pero lo que más me gustó es que ella más que un cliente te trata como un amigo en el cual puede uno confiar !!!! Gracias Sylvia!!!!! Nos vemos cuando este listo para la ciudadanía
5/9/2016 - Alberto My wife and I are really happy with Ms. Miller's work. She is really efficient and professional. She helped us to get my green card and years later to renew it. Thanks to her everything was so much easier and she made sure everything went perfectly. I totally recommend her services.
2/15/2016 - Edvin 5 stars. I recommend using her services: she is very professional, kind, affordable and always available as your attorney. Just a pleasure to work with.
10/16/2015 - Val 5 stars. Sylvia Miller was a pleasure to work with. She always returned my phone calls and made the whole process very smooth. I would recommend her to anyone and would definitely use her services again.
8/19/2015 - E and WJK Quiero decirle a todo aquel que quiera o necesite ayuda de un abogado de inmigración que Sylvia es the best. Yo regrese de Guatemala en Junio del 2015. El proceso con ella fue perfecto. Todo como creo que tuvo que ser. Un buen precio profesional. Gracias a Dios ya tengo mi greencard. Me siento feliz. Gracias Sylvia!
3/17/15 - Bright Thanks to Sylvia for her passion and fierce approach for her clients. You won't believe this but we have been kicked out of Attorney's offices, money kept, and others said go back to your country to file this case. The nature of our case inadvertently supported USCIS violations in the past for the petitioner but if you listened you will know the petitioner was innocent, despite.

Sylvia listened, believed us and decided to help. The best part was that she didn't charge extra, and she is most affordable we found in Seattle, WA. Ultimately, in about 6mos, our long (5yrs) search to get green card assistance stopped with Sylvia. What a compassionate Attorney? Please, if you want to hear more from her just email me at bnkrumah@yahoo.com. I highly recommend her to ANYONE who needs immigration at an affordable charge - up to 50% market prices in Seattle.
2/20/15 - K.S. Knowledgeable and Trustworthy - Sylvia Miller has helped me in the long and complicated process of obtaining a green card for my wife. Sylvia first became our lawyer in 2012 when we filed a family petition (I-130). We were quickly approved thanks to her exceptional work and attention to detail. My wife entered the country without inspection when she was a child, so our next step was to apply for the I-601A Waiver with consular processing in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. We waited a few months until the timing was right for us, and we moved forward with the I-601A Waiver in 2014. We had been very scared of having to go through this process, but Sylvia's straightforward explanations, step-by-step guidance and support helped to ease our minds. She knows what she is doing and is meticulous in her work. From the moment we sent our waiver packet to getting approval, it was 3 months! My wife's visa interview was 2 months later (in February 2015). When we left to Mexico, we were back in the US (my wife finally legally) after 10 days! We are very happy with how professional and knowledgeable she is. She explains everything in detail and makes sure to answer your questions. She is great with communicating and keeping in touch with you. The immigration process is not cheap. Sylvia's flat-rate fees make her stand out among other immigration lawyers. Her fees are fair and her quality of work is outstanding. I think that the reason why Sylvia is so successful is that she has heart and she genuinely cares for her clients. If you are looking for an honest and affordable lawyer who does exceptional work, look no further!
11/11/2014 - Boris Sylvia Miller consulted with me on my complicated immigration matter. Her advice came out to be the great turnaround in my case. Finally it am able to move forward with my naturalization. Thank you Sylvia! You're the greatest! Highly recommend this knowledgeable immigration expert!!!
2/2014 - M Carvalho Five Stars. Sylvia took care of my U.S. Citizenship process and of my wife and son's permanent residence processes. We were very satisfied.
3/15/2014 - Doina Sylvia Miller is great with the clients. Does a great job and is very fast and efficient. Totally recommend her services.
4/19/2013 - Linda I would recommend Sylvia to anyone. Great service and results are always great. She knows what she is doing, very knowledgeable and up to date with the current immigration laws and procedures. She is fast in responding to any inquiries/emails/missed phone calls. Overall great representation for anyone who needs it. :-)
12/3/2012 - V. & B. Swift and with ease. Glad I found her. Sylvia A Miller helped me with getting a green card after my marriage. She explained everything in great detail, which helped put our mind at ease. We were able to call or visit her office anytime even with short notice without a problem. She even called to check up on our progress of getting the documents required to file. Definitely feel that I got my money's worth.
11/16/12 - J.G. We were very pleased with Sylvia's help in obtaining my wife's green card! She didn't try to oversell us on her services and we found her to be efficient, knowledgeable and professional. Her rate is quite reasonable. She has a calm, approachable demeanor and she made what I found a confusing process clear. Key was her Spanish fluency as it allowed my wife to communicate directly with her throughout this process. Sylvia quickly answered any questions we had -- important in settling many doubts and confusion. Most importantly she made sure we were well-prepared for our interview and any worst-case interview scenarios. In the end things went smoothly -- we highly recommend her!
5/2012 - Danka Sylvia Miller was highly recommended to me and helped me obtain my resident alien status(Green Card). Ms. Miller's high professionalism was proven by her unwavering dedication, understanding and speedy processing of my case. I received my "Green Card" within three months from submitting my documents. I highly recommend Sylvia Miller to anyone in need of a high standard immigration attorney.
5/3/2012 - K.J. THE BEST! Most affordable immigration Attorney that money can buy. Being the way that I am, always on a budget, I like to shop around, and when it was time to find an attorney to help me with my Naturalization processes. Sylvia A. Miller, Exceed above the rest. Price, The very first thing that comes to mind when shopping and I have called around to dozens of places, and spent over $300 dollars on consultations never imagining that immigration help wound be so ridiculously expensive. I was at the point of giving up when I tried the last number on my list, Sylvia A. Miller 206-789-0200. She was kind courteous, Knowledgeable and most of all Affordable. We met and she explained my case to me step by step, in terms that the non-law school clients can understand. She was very thorough; she made sure everything was right the first time and perfect before submitting my case to the USCIS and as the results of that my case was successful :) I would hire Sylvia Miller again, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for THE BEST! Most affordable immigration Attorney.
5/26/2011 - Martin & As. Sylvia was wonderful & very helpful to us in getting us through the immigration process for my wife's status adjustment. She was clear and honest since the very beginning about the process that made it easy for us with the preparation. In addition, she was knowledgeable and was always available to answer any questions. Her follow-up was prompt and consistent. We were extremely pleased with her services. I would highly recommend her services to any of you who may need legal immigration assistance.
5/12/2011 - Dan Thanks to Sylvia, I'm a US Citizen after living here for over 50 years. There were some challenges with my case and she handled them competently and professionally. She seems to get along very well with all of the people she has to deal with in the system which is a big plus. I highly recommend her services.
5/2011 - Sahar Amazing Attorney, Sylvia helped my husband get his green card last year. I would recommend her to anyone. She is very responsible, always kept us well informed and quickly responded to our questions and concerns. She made the whole process very easy and our case was done less than a year.
8/2010 - Adam One of the very few attorneys you can trust I had very complicated cases in the immigration for about 10 years I have worked with several attorneys, in general, they are greedy and most of the time they create problems for you so they can make more money. Warren Buffet said do not ask a Barber if you need a haircut. Sylvia Miller is different from most of the attorneys. She is honest, knowledgeable, trustful and she is always there for you.
8/2010 - Adam One of the very few attorneys you can trust I had very complicated cases in the immigration for about 10 years I have worked with several attorneys, in general, they are greedy and most of the time they create problems for you so they can make more money. Warren Buffet said do not ask a Barber if you need a haircut. Sylvia Miller is different from most of the attorneys. She is honest, knowledgeable, trustful and she is always there for you.
7/2/2010 - Rita Ms. Sylvia Miller is a very respectable person. She is very passionate about her work and her clients. My case was difficult and complicated. I went through numerous attorneys and all of them told me that my case was hopeless. Just when I lost all my faith I found Sylvia through a mutual friend. She took my case with great humanity and compassion and needless to say she won. I still need her services and I greatly appreciate her knowledge and her punctuality. She is the best and I will always be very thankful for her.
7/2/2010 - Mrs. H A great Immigration Attorney! I am happily with my family because of Sylvia Miller! My husband and I consulted a lot of immigration attorneys but upon meeting Ms. Miller we knew that she was the right one for us! She made us feel at ease about the case letting us know that she would do everything in her power to help me with my immigration issues. I would highly recommend Ms. Miller to anybody who needs immigration help!
3/17/2009 - Berenice Sylvia is a great attorney. If you are looking for an attorney with the highest level of ethics, that genuinely cares for her clients and that provides the best personalized service, you should hire Sylvia. She will give you the best representation you could find within a fair price.
7/2014 Jonathan R. - Five Stars Ms. Miller is an excellent attorney. She was completely on top of things and was very prompt at notifying me of all the steps in the immigration process. She's accessible and responds promptly. I will be happy to refer her to friends with immigration representation needs any time.
July 11, 2014 - Silvia es LA mejor abogada me ayudo muchisimo LA recomiendo mucho Ella me ayudo con to do mi process de vawa gracias Silvia:) Silvia is the best I recommend her 100%